City Council obviously loves Portage la Prairie, but what do they love most about the City of Possibilities?

Council met earlier today, which also happens to be Portage la Prairie’s 116th birthday. PortageOnline reached out to each council member to see what they appreciate about the city.

Mayor Sharilyn Knox says the citizens define Portage.

Mayor Knox.Mayor Knox.

“I just love the people of Portage Prairie,” says Knox. “The community spirit, the willingness of people to help when people are in need, and I just love seeing the progress that we're making as a city with infrastructure, with new buildings, etcetera. I think we've got great things happening in Portage, and I can't wait to see the next years ahead.”

Councillor Ryan Espey mentions that each time he returns to Portage, it truly feels like coming home.

“I think my favourite part about living here is the feeling I get when I come back after I've been gone,” says Espey. “The appreciation that I have for the city and the comfort I feel when I pull back into town, and a lot of that has to do with the people and the familiarity.”

Councillor Terrie Porter adds the location of Portage la Prairie is a big plus for her.

Councillor PorterCouncillor Porter.

“I love the fact that it's a small town feel in a mid-sized populated city,” explains Porter. “I just think it's absolutely beautiful, along with the fact that we are within 5-10 minutes of wherever we want to go.”

Councillor Faron Nicholls mentions that Portage la Prairie is great for someone looking to set down roots.

“It's a great place to raise a family,” says Nicholls. “It's been wonderfully advantageous for my family and we've just that's probably the biggest thing that comes to my mind right now, along with sports and activities. Portage is the volunteer capital of Canada as far as I'm concerned.”

Councillor Joe Masi says Portage has the best of both worlds regarding big and small communities.

Councillor Masi.Councillor Masi speaking with Councillor Preston Meier.

“It has a small town feel where people all know one another, but we have the amenities of a city that can offer services,” mentions Masi. “We have growth happening, and we've got some wonderful places such as Stride Place and the Island, which is a jewel in our community.”

Councillor Colin Doyle notes that the community has made him fall in love with the city.

“My favourite part of living in Portage Prairie is definitely the familiar faces you get to see day after day,” says Doyle. “Everyone here is simply amazing.”

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