Wee World got a little bigger recently, as their newest daycare building is now welcoming children.

Executive director Sydney Dubetz-Zacharias says they opened the doors to their newest facility on January 8th. She states staff have been eagerly waiting for the building to be ready, calling it an accomplishment.

"We've been so excited and ready to finally have the kids in here and hear their love of the new building. It makes it all worth it," insists Dubetz-Zacharias.

Wee World.

She adds that the layout of the building is great, saying it was very well developed. Looking back on the journey of getting this building ready, she notes that the toughest part was ensuring they met all the policies and regulations.

"I'm very proud of our centre," explains Dubetz-Zacharias. "We have an amazing group of staff and an amazing board of directors. I'm so grateful to be able to work with them."

Wee World Daycare will get to breathe easy, as they will control the building rent-free for the next 15 years.

The new daycare building can hold 74 children. Parents can sign up for the waitlist by visiting their website.