The Portage la Prairie & District Chamber of Commerce held their Annual General Meeting on Thursday at Prairie Fusion. The event featured a significant changeover for the Chamber, which Guy Moffat explained.

"As of right now, I am the past president of the Chamber of Commerce."

Moffat has served four terms as president, and he detailed a few of the things he spoke on to the crowd at the event.

"I talked about our members growing by over 12 new members and all the work that our membership has done. For events, having the best Business Awards Evening that we've ever had, as well as hosting 'Wine and Nine' and some other events we were able to partner with the city on." He continued, "I also talked about our advocacy committee, who has regular monthly meetings with the mayor and city manager, as well as Councillor Masi."

Moffat also shared some of the work the committee has been working on locally and provincially.

"We've had scheduled meetings with our MLA and MP about all the work they are doing to try to bring some of the concerns and issues that we feel are important to our membership. We have been looking at redevelopment of Highway 240, in front of where the new hospital is going, because it's getting a little beat up with heavy equipment. We are also looking at trying to have some changes to vehicles-for-hire so there is more transparency as to what the rates are."

Moffat now hands the role of president off to Adrienne Mekkes, who owns Styled With Meraki. She says she has a few things she can't wait to get started.

"The most exciting thing for me is to work with businesses in the community, get recommendations from them, and make some exciting changes moving forward. For me, the biggest thing is just creating a network within the business community and I'm very excited to partner and work with them."