CN Rail says it moved more grain during the 2016/17 crop year than ever before.

That's welcome news according to Steve Pratte, policy manager for the Canadian Canola Growers Association (CCGA).

"For our industry, our objective is strategic growth long term as is outlined in our Keep It Coming 2025 strategic vision that we're currently working towards," he said. "Growth in the canola sector, not only the seed and the meal and the crush, but the export and the domestic utilization, this is a pretty positive story for 2016/17 for sure."

Pratte says 90 per cent of all canola and products are exported. The canola industry has a goal of achieving 52 bu/acre by the year 2025.

He agreed with the railways assessment that more rail capacity is needed in Vancouver to meet forecasted demand driven by new and ongoing investment in export grain terminals.

The total amount of grain moved by CN Rail during the 2016/17 crop year totalled 21.8 million metric tonnes.