Representatives from the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) were on hand for the first round NAFTA renegotiation talks.

The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association is watching the discussions closely to make sure COOL doesn’t find its way into the agreement, they also would like to move away from re-inspection at the borders to a pre-clearance approach.

Dennis Laycraft is the group's Executive Vice President and says that the groups are doing their best save the NAFTA agreement.

"Everybody is putting in a great effort to make sure first of all we salvage what is arguably the best trade deal in the world, we've got the largest two way trade between any two countries on earth, between Canada and the United States and when we are just about 10th of the population, so it’s a pretty remarkable thing."

Laycraft added what he wants to see improved.

"Certainly from Canada's and Mexico's point of view, we believe there is an opportunity here to modernize the agreement," Laycraft said. "There was what I would call a little-unfinished business, and even though the agreement dates back almost 20 years there are parts that can certainly improve and the ability to promote more regulatory cooperation."

The second round of talks are set to take place later this week and he’s hoping negotiators will start moving on a more positive note.