The Portage la Prairie School Division is responding to a bear spray incident at Portage Collegiate Institute (PCI) on April 24.

Superintendent Todd Cuddington says that the high school administration was tipped off that a 15-year-old student was in possession of bear spray in their backpack.

"It's a weapon considered extremely dangerous and has no place in the school, so charges were subsequently laid. Obviously, there are consequences of that."

Cuddington says if there is a positive to take away from the situation, it is that no one was hurt and that the bear spray was never actually used.

"Unfortunately, we're always on the lookout. It's quite a prevalent thing for our community to be carrying bear spray, either as a defence or threatening others."

file photoSuperintendent Todd Cuddington.

Cuddington adds that the school liaison officer and staff have warned students about actions like this.

"If you are found in possession of this kind of product, you will be prosecuted, and it will go before the court."

The Superintendent added under no circumstance should you bring a weapon to school, school grounds, or a school function.

"Serious consequences will be applied."