The Municipality of North Norfolk is calling all cowboys, cowgirls, and wanna-be’s to the Bull Bash Presented by Gen Ag happening this Saturday in MacGregor, the first stop on our summer tour. 

Recreation manager for Heartland Recreation, Karla Gurk says this years event is once again a family-friendly affair with something for everyone. 

“The doors open at 5 p.m. and the bulls buck at seven. It is a high-energy beautiful evening. It is fun-packed and family-friendly.” She continues, “There's going to be ‘ooos’ and ‘ahhs’. After the bash there will be music and dancing at the after party.” 

Gurke says that this event helps support many local service groups within the community like the MacGregor Fire Department, the North Norfolk Ag Society and a couple others as well. 

“We have raised roughly $5,000 for each group every year. The fire department has put it towards fires for emergencies. The Ag Society started a scholarship with their funds. So, it is completely 100% going back into the municipality of North Norfolk and their community members.” 

The manager notes that this is the 4th annual Bull Bash and every year there are bull riders from all over the world who attend to compete.  

“Last year, we were full at 24 and we had a waiting list. This year, I'm assuming that we will be full at 24. Our prize money that we give away is $4,000, that is one of the higher rates throughout the bull riding community.” 

Gurke says that it is hard to choose which part’s her favourite, however, she notes that nothing compares to how the atmosphere feels.  

“They bring out the spotlight, the riders come, and sparklers go off and the energy pounds through the building.” 

The Bull Bash will be the kickoff of Project Patio powered by Rona. We’ll be heading out to fairs, festivals and events this summer and you can enter to win the dream patio set with furniture, a gazebo, a BBQ, a deck box, a fire table, and more! We may also have some prizes and gift cards from other local businesses.  

Make sure to stop by and see this year's summer host Maggie Van Damme and enter the draw! At least one name from each event will get an invite to the end of summer party and all will have a chance to win prizes along the way.  

Here are the project patio partners for the summer of 2024.

Rona, Portage

Blue Moon Water

Shewfelt's Plumbing & Heating

Our Farm Greenhouses

What's the Scoop

Portage GR8 Wash

Prairie Abattoir

Interlake Auto & Tractor Parts

Canadian Tire Portage's Garden Centre