After surviving the first round of cuts at Winnipeg Blue Bombers training camp, Kaiden Banfield has officially joined the Bombers practice squad. He shared about his experience at the camp so far.

"It's been a great experience to be able to learn from the pros, the coaches. I've never been to a camp that's had these kinds of players, so I'm just trying to pick the minds of everyone here and learn as much as I can from everybody."

Banfield, who played with the PCI Trojans from 2018 to 2020, says the camp has changed him as a player. He adds been getting into some great conversations about how to improve, including with the reigning Most Outstanding Canadian.

"I think the biggest thing is just picking the brains of the other running backs in the running back room, and the coaches as well. They all know what they're talking about, and they all read the defense in ways that I wouldn't have read them before. So just taking that with me when I go onto to the field is going to be a great thing for me," Banfield notes. "The first guy, Brady Oliveira, I've been trying to talk to him as much as possible. Even after plays, I'll ask him what I could've done better, and just trying to pick his mind on how he reads the defense.  Also, Johnny (Augustine), their second running back, he's a guy I've been trying to pick apart as much as possible."

Kaiden Banfield stands in front of Princess Auto StadiumKaiden (left) and his dad, standing in front of the newly re-named Princess Auto Stadium

Banfield notes that the Winnipeg Rifles program set him up to get this opportunity through camp invites.

"I was playing for the Rifles, and every year, they send a couple players to camp for the opportunity. Some players come and get within the first week, but you have a chance to get signed. So, basically, they send players to come here, learn, and get an opportunity to get signed."

With the first five days of camp complete, Kaiden states that he's learned a lot. With signing on with the Bombers, he's changed his plans significantly for this year.

"Yeah, it's changed my goals, for sure, because I had plans on going to University after my junior year. So, now that the Bombers offered me a spot on the practice roster, it definitely changed my plans, so I'll be sticking around here for the season."

The Blue Bombers kick off their preseason action against the Saskatchewan Roughriders on May 20 in Regina.