The Southport RUNway 5K/10K race is happening on August 26th at the location where the first-ever race took place last year to honour Southport's 30th Anniversary. 

Southport Facilities Manager and Race Director Nate Coates explains there's a change to this year's edition.

"We're continuing on with a bunch of added features this year," says Coates. "We added the 5K this year, so it'll be a 10K race and a 5K race that take you through the site. Also, a really good feature this year is we're going to run on the apron. So, you can actually run out on the runway. We're going to align it with some airplanes. So, they'll be really exciting for everyone, and it's for all skill levels and all ages. We just want everyone out to come out and have a great time."

NateNate Coates

It was called the Southport 30th Anniversary Fun Run last year and they decided to do a branding change.

"We're running on the runway this year, so why not call it the Southport RUNway?" continues Coates. "So, that's pretty fun. And, once again, a big supporter of us and a big partner was the Community Foundation of Portage and District last year. We raised money for them. And once again this year, we're raising money for them. So, we are very happy to have them back on board this year." 

Coates says they donated $5000 to the Community Foundation last year, and hope to match that or exceed it. 

"Registration is on Race Roster, so if you go on the Race Roster website and search for the Southport RUNway, you'll be able to find it," notes Coates. 

A new aspect to the run for 2023 is timed results so you can boast about how long your run took, with proof to back it up.