The Ashern Rodeo, an annual community highlight, recently took place. Rachel Vander Veen, the event's President, shares how the event went.  

"I was pretty hot outside, but tons of people showed up and had a great time." Vander Veen says, "We had wonderful performances, we had lots of contestants this year, which is amazing. We got to see some great rides made and had a lot of fun." 

The rodeo kicked off with a Friday night street dance, followed by fireworks display that wowed everyone. Over the weekend, the rodeo performances were the main attraction, with plenty of shade to escape the heat. 

Attendance estimates were around 5-600 on Saturday and 250-350 on Sunday. Volunteers played a crucial role, notes Rachel.  

"Our board puts in hundreds of hours getting ready for this event." Vander Veen explains, "We had many volunteers from the community that helped us, and we definitely couldn't run without them."  

Mark your calendars for next year; it's an event you won't want to miss!