Although he's not legally old enough, Tielan Nickels should consider buying a lottery ticket for his birthday.

The Grade 6 Yellowquill student born on the 11th day of the 11th month in 2011, is turning 11 today, for a four-fold of 11's associated with his birthdate.

Tielan says while he is thrilled to celebrate and have so many 11's around him, it isn't actually his favourite number.

"Well, 11 is not my number, but I'm pretty excited," the Yellowquill student continues. "We're going to the Southport gym, and I invited a bunch of my friends."

Tielan, who is an avid hockey player, notes that his number in the sport he loves is 14, a hockey number that is a family tradition dating back to his grandfather.

Andrea Nickels, Tielans mother, shares that the uniqueness of her son's birthday is pretty neat, and in fact it goes deeper than it appears on the surface.

"He was actually born 11 minutes after 1:11 in the morning." adds Andrea. "It's all just 11. You don't have to think about it."

11:11 a.m./p.m. is often referred to as an occasion when those seeing the clock should make a wish. However, the Grade 6 student says he only has one wish for the day.

"I hope I get lots of good gifts," concludes Tielan.