Things are happening, the City of Portage la Prairie is showing some growth, and a City Councillor is very happy about it.

Ryan Espey is reacting to the April report from the Portage Planning District which shows 16 new permits for $16.9 million.

"Anytime we see a good flow of permits coming in, it's reassuring that things are always happening in our community," says Espey. "We do have that great big one from the hospital that is happening."

Espey says the largest permit is for just under $12.8 million in the 'new institutional' category, which is for the new Portage and District General Hospital. Another key permit includes a $2.9 million permit in the 'new commercial' category.

"There was a building permit taken out by Roquette, so they are putting a new structure on their property. There's some growth happening out there," says Espey. "Of course, we have the hospital, which is a big, big value permit, because we're talking about concrete and weeping tile. There's good progress being shown, even though you can't really see beyond the barrier very well."

Espey says the project is moving along at a pretty quick pace, which he calls exciting.