The 2017 Canola Performance Trail results are now available.

Delaney Ross Burtnack is the executive director of the Manitoba Canola Growers Association.

"We had over 20 varieties from all three herbicide tolerant systems grown in small plot sites in a few different growing season zones; short, mid and long," she said. "That's done all across western Canada. Growers are able to search these varieties by the season that they're growing in, by the location that they're growing in."

Results are based on 10 small plot trials and 46 field scale trials across the Prairies, including 26 standard trials, 12 straight cut trials and eight clubroot-resistant variety trials.

The trials are jointly supported by each of the provincial canola groups in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta and are administered by the Canola Council of Canada.

The results can be found at