Having a tidy home will be a bit easier by adopting the following 10 micro habits, shared by Steph Marmus at Luxe Cleaning Co. 

  1. Make your bed every day. “This is a hard one, but something I’ve been learning is that if you just do it right when you get out of bed, then it’s done,” says Marmus. 

  1. Keep the dining table clear. “So, when you’re done eating, just right away, clean the table off. If you’re playing on the table with your kids, clean up the toys after.” 

  1. Unload and load the dishwasher every day. “This is also a hard one sometimes, because sometimes we just don't feel like it, right?” 

  1. Keep the laundry flowing. “Always just have something in the wash, moving to the dryer, moving to the folding station and so on and so forth.” 

  1. Do a 10-minute tidy everywhere every day before bed. “So just a quick 10 minutes before bed, and then when you wake up, you're going to thank yourself for it.” 

  1. Put your clothes away as soon as you take them off. “Don't throw them on the floor or on the random chair in the bedroom.” 

  1. Put your shoes on a shoe rack when you enter the home to keep the entrance clean and clear. 

  1. Go through your mail right away and don't keep what you don't need. “Throw away the trash right away so that you're not keeping things you don't need.” 

  1. Put things away when you're finished using them. So just a simple habit of cleaning up after ourselves will go a long way.” 

  1. Empty full trash bins. “As soon as they're full, just get them in emptied and out the door.”