We are officially in 2023 and PortageOnline has been asking kids in the community about their plans for the new year.

While many adults are creating goals and resolutions surrounding health and productivity, most kids want to increase the amount of fun they are having.

Sisters Lilly and Rose Provencher both go to West Park School and were asked what their plans are. Seven-year-old Rose immediately put on her ski pants and ran outside to show us the hill outside her house.

"Sliding fast! There's usually snow over there. There's big clumps of snow and I hope we can go sledding," says Rose. "There's another place that I really like. We call it, 'the garbage hill', because it was made out of garbage. It's so tall that it's taller than the school and we actually go to sledding down it sometimes. It's really fun. I used to not even be able to go down it by myself."

In the summer, instead of sledding, she is hoping to do more sliding on the slides at school.

10-year-old Lilly (whose birthday is today) also looked at having more fun throughout the year. With school returning, she is also looking at some academic goals.

"Most likely, I will go swimming in the summer, and have fun the winter, because we just got skates. I hope, in the winter, before it ends, we can skate. The last time I went skating was when I was three-years-old," says Lilly. "(I also want) to make my writing a lot neater. I got a 'four' this year. I think it's because the teacher was a little nice this year, but I usually get threes. I hope I can improve on my writing."

Her favourite past time (along with Minecraft) involves playing some music.

Lilly Provencher with her bass guitarLilly Provencher with her bass guitar

"Bass guitar! I like to play 'Country Roads' by John Denver and I like to play a couple of rock songs. I don't know all their names," says Lilly.

10-year-old Maliya Lotun admits one of her goals for 2023 may not be considered the most exciting, but it's important. She also wants to have some good times this year.

"This resolution sounds kind of boring, but I kind of want try and keep my room clean because it gets to the point where it's a disaster, " says Maliya. "I also want to sign up for basketball. I just like it. It's fun!"

Maliya is looking forward to going back to school so she can take part in her three favourite subjects: Lunch, Gym and Music. She also wants to improve her math skills in 2023.

Maliya Lotun in-studio!!Maliya Lotun in-studio!!