An unfortunate event occurred with some young people driving around the region of the RM of Grahamdale that ended with a fatality. 

On June 13, Lundar RCMP had a call come in about a young man who had jumped out of a moving vehicle on Highway 6 near Road 168 North in the RM of Grahamdale.

Police immediately drove to the scene to find the 15-year-old from Pinaymootang First Nation with severe injuries. Officers and civilians on the scene provided first aid care until Emergency Medical Services arrived.

He was in a vehicle with three other young men and had reportedly opened the rear passenger door and then jumped out. It appears the vehicle was travelling at high speeds when the accident occurred. He was transported to the local hospital and then transferred to Winnipeg hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

The investigation continues.

With files from RCMP.