As you walk in through the front doors of Yellowquill School in Portage, you'll be greeted with welcoming words from around the world.

This is part of a Welcome Wall project going around the Portage la Prairie School Division, with Yellowquill being the latest to finish the undertaking.

Vice Principal, Erin Mauws says the vision for Yellowquill to introduce the wall was received with open arms.

"We have so many different languages and cultures in our school. We thought it would be really nice for our entryway," she says with a smile.

File Photo.Yellowquill Principal Darryl Patterson & Vice Principal, Erin Mauws

Mauws adds that the Welcome Wall was completed last week with the help of a few students, staff and the school's vinyl cutter.

"Everyone can get on board with this," says the Vice Principal. "We have kids from everywhere, from all walks of life. We're really trying to get to know our kids, what their interests are, what their gifts are, and bring a little bit of home into the school."

Yellowquill notes they will continue to add more languages to their welcome wall as more suggestions roll in.