Central Plains RCMP are hoping to hold another public safety forum in the future as there wasn't enough of a crowd for the first one.

Inspector Paul Peddle says April's event featured 50 to 60 people, but that's including vendors. He says there were only 25 to 30 people from the public.

"We took the time to do a presentation on crime prevention initiatives in the area. We also did a question and answer session at the end with the public, and we were able to give some insight into situations in the area that present issues on crime in the area," says Peddle. "Like I said, I was a bit disappointed in the turnout. The numbers weren't as high as we were expecting, but we did go ahead with it and it was a success for the people that were there."

The people who did show up had some good questions and some good conversations were had. Peddle was inspired enough to say he'd like to try and hold another forum to have more of those productive conversations.

"Some of our key issues here relate to drug use. There's obviously issues, as well, with access to health services and some people that need to avail of those services to get out of the cycle," says Peddle. "We talked about prolific offenders in the area, people that we deal with over and over, and ways that we can work together to help get them out of that cycle of trouble."