The federal and provincial announcement that will see $10-a-day day care fees established in all facilities comes as good news to everyone with children who is working. Last year's news of a new daycare in Portage la Prairie, located toward the northeast of the Portage Mall, makes this even better news from both governments. 

Portage la Prairie MLA Ian Wishart says all existing day cares will charge the $10-a-day cost, including the new one. He explains the new legislation helps resolve the issue of how day cares can be quite expensive.

"This kind of puts a cap on it and gives them something that's a little more predictable moving into the future," says Wishart. "At the same time, we're creating a lot of spaces. I haven't quite done the numbers, but I think if you go back and look at the day care that went in near North Memorial, we've probably more than doubled the spaces that were available in Portage five years ago. It's a huge jump."

Wishart says a federal agreement goes toward building spaces and the province is working with salaries.

"Those are taxpayer dollars that they're being spent on, with the philosophy being that getting the family and both members of the family into the workplace makes it well worthwhile. Day cares are good learning places, as well," adds Wishart. "It really does help get the kids ready to go into the school system."