The wife of former mayor Earl Porter is looking to become a new member of City Council.

Terrie Porter has announced her intention to run, saying she shared an interest in politics with her husband Earl, who passed away in September of 2019. One of the driving forces behind her decision was that, due to the business they ran together for roughly 20 years, she understands what it takes to balance politics, business, and family.

As a councilor, she wants to make sure that Portage is heard when it comes to higher levels of government.

"One thing that stuck out to me is that if you want to make things happen at the municipal level," explains Porter. "How can the provincial or the federal government help you if they don't know what you need?"

She adds she's spent a considerable amount of time working in the justice system, as well as spending time on the Southern Health Sante-Sud board, including being the board chair. Porter wants to ensure that Portagers will be able to find all the services they'd need right here in the community.

Porter says she wasn't disappointed with how Council was run last year and wants to be a part of the next step of pushing Portage forward.

"I just want to thank everyone who was elected to the Council and appreciate all the efforts of the past Council," notes Porter. "It's a tremendous commitment for anybody, but it's rewarding when you can make a difference in your community."

Porter says, if you expect one thing from her, it's that she'll put in 110 per cent.

The municipal election is set for October 26th.