The Whoop and Hollar Folk Festival will be in two locations this year.

Festival organizers have announced they will hold their Saturday schedule at their usual location on the Cottonwood Acres site along Provincial Road 331 on August 24th. Their Sunday schedule will be August 25th at Island Park, with the performances happening on the Oddfellows Stage.

Festival Coordinator and Co-Founder Linda Omichinski says this location has its perks.

"It's kind of a punch bowl effect. Nice acoustics, very intimate atmosphere," says Omichinski. "[There's] a lot of trees around so it's still in nature."

Organizers were looking to hold the event August 23rd, 24th and 25th, but they learned their conditional use permit would only allow them to hold a one-day event. Omichinski says they had to find another solution, as they didn't feel there was enough time to apply for another conditional use.

"We had contracts with the musicians. They were counting on the gig and coming out to Whoop & Hollar Folk Festival, so that's been honoured," says Omichinski. "We still have the 60 musicians. All of the musicians from Friday night were able to move to Sunday, so we have our full 60 musicians comprising of 25 acts."

She also says they have been advertising the event for many months, and they didn't want to cut the festival down to a single day.

Due to the change in location, they have decided to extend their early bird pricing until August 22nd. You can find more details on the festival at