The Whoop and Hollar Open Mic and Jam nights were cancelled due to the current safeguards against the COVID-19 pandemic. However, that's not stopping the event.

Artistic Director Josh Wright says they're going virtual!

"It's kind of leaving open the jam concept because we're very new to this online format," explains Wright. "Essentially, what it will be is an online platform streaming on Zoom. We're going to be providing the link to people who are interested in signing up. Essentially, artists sign up to this virtual webinar, and they perform whatever material they have from the comfort of their own home."

He says you can use a webcam and your microphone to stream for about ten minutes. Wright notes this will be open to the world. Anyone can virtually tune in and watch the Whoop and Hollar Virtual Open Mic and Jam night via the internet.

"The whole event will be going from 8:00 p.m. until about midnight this Friday, Central time," adds Wright. "So, people can tune in during those four hours. To get the event link, they can go to the Whoop and Hollar Facebook page, and we have an event called the Virtual Open Mic Night. The Zoom link will be posted in there for people who would like to sign in Friday at 8:00 p.m."


Click: HERE for Facebook link.