Winter is inevitable here in Manitoba, which leaves the question of what you should do with your garden. Shea Doherty, Operations Manager at Our Farm Greenhouse, gave PortageOnline the inside scoop on what to do now that winter is on the horizon.  

"Many people want to cut their perennials down for the winter, so don't do that," says Doherty, "Don't cut them down until springtime. Let that leafage fill and build around them, so they get double insulation."

Doherty also explains why you should not work your soil up. 

"If there are any seeds that drop from the perennial, of course, they come back and make it more robust next spring," says Doherty,  "Don't damage the roots. Splitting perennials should be done in early spring, not in the fall. However, that being said, it's still safe to plant any perennials, shrubs, or trees that are still in pots." 

Doherty also notes how one of the most common questions involves fertilizing in the fall. He says that if you use fertilizer, you should ensure that it is away from the base of any perennial plants, trees, or even shrubs. 

"In the springtime, you want them to sleep. So, ensure the numbers on your fertilizer cans are very low right now. So, something around 578 or something like that would be perfect."