After a beautiful Friday, Portage la Prairie is set to experience another wet weekend.

Environment and Climate Change Canada Meteorologist Natalie Hasell says that as we move into the weekend, we will see a low-pressure system over most of Manitoba by Saturday afternoon.

"Both weekend days look like they could be pretty showery, and there is a risk of thunderstorms."

While it will be wet, Hasell says she expects it to be pretty warm and muggy, considering how much rain has fallen, with more to come in the days ahead.

"It might feel quite a bit warmer than the temperature will actually end up being with that humidity. It might be worth paying attention to the humidex. We are not expecting anything to be particularly dangerous or difficult. But some people are more affected by the heat than others."

With the wet weather and mediocre temperatures, some may wonder when Portage will see some real heat. Hasell says that if we look at next week's forecast, we will see that we have a little bit of a heat wave making its way through the area.

file photoNatalie Hasell.

"We can start seeing heat. The forecast is calling on Wednesday for 29°C and Thursday for 33°C. I'm not sure how long this event will last, probably three or four days, maybe a bit longer depending on exactly how things line up."

She notes that with this heat next week, there will be a chance for the environment to dry up from all the moisture.

"It won't dry up entirely, but it'll be quite a different picture next week."

The forecast issued at 11 a.m. Friday has the chance of showers reduced but it is still at 30% all day Saturday and 60% on Sunday.