It's going to be a nice weekend for the most part, with Saturday almost reaching heat warning criteria. 

Warning Preparedness Meteorologist and Climate Change Canada Natalie Hasell describes the conditions that should make your August long an enjoyable one.

"Looking at our forecast, we are currently under the influence of the ridge," explains Hasell. "We'll see right around normal temperatures today -- a high of 27 and a low of 14. Tonight and tomorrow morning under hopefully partly or a completely clear sky. Tomorrow is the hottest day of the weekend where Saturday's forecast is calling for 31 degrees Celsius."

She says the humidex is going to be 36 making it close to warning criteria. Hasell says it's warm overnight, so you might not have much cooling off, so it may be tough if you're not using air conditioning. 

"We have a low-pressure system that'll disrupt the ridge on Sunday," continues Hasell. "So, cooler conditions, wetter conditions expecting showers, and probably thunderstorms as well, mostly during the day on Sunday. That could be continuing into the evening, but the night period should be mostly cloudy, but no precipitation expected. Then we see a slow transition Monday during the day."

Hasell says Monday should be quite nice. 

"25 degrees Celsius, sunny conditions, but a return of a chance of showers for the evening and night-time period," adds Hasell. "And that brings us to the end of the long weekend.  And if we want to look at early next week, Tuesday is a high of 30, low of 19. Wednesday is a high of 29 and low of 16. So, again not quite warning criteria but still rather warm. Certainly, some precautions people need to take in the next seven days."

She explains heat warning criteria include a period of two consecutive, or longer days, of 32-plus Celsius temperature during the day, without going below 16 at night, and then it is 32 degrees the next day.

"Or if we're looking at humidex, it would be 38 and 38," notes Hasell. "We don't have actual warning criteria because the heat will really only happen for one day and one evening or night this weekend," says Hasell. "But the fact that we're getting up to 31 degrees on Saturday and 36 humidex, we're pretty close to what is considered hot. People should pay attention nonetheless like we're not talking true warning criteria, but we're going to get pretty close."