Portage's MCC Thrift Shop and Furniture Plus is right in the middle of three anniversary years. 

General Manager Kevin Hamm says this year is the organization's 50th.

"We held a Thrifters Tour," says Hamm. "There were three winners of $50.00 gift certificates. One of them was local and we had participated in that during the summer. And then there are still, I think, one or two more things coming up towards the end of this year, but we're looking ahead already to 2023, which will be our 40th anniversary."

Hamm explains they're already putting plans in place for next year's celebration.

He notes the 40th is the local Portage location's celebration, while the 50th this year is the overall organization's. 

Hamm says last year was the 100th anniversary of the MCC, itself, that started up the stores 50 years ago. 

"So yeah, a lot of celebrations recently, but we like partying," adds Hamm.