Portagers will soon get some relief from the cold snap we are under, but don't put away those extra layers just quite yet.

Terri Lang, Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), says that as she glances at the weather forecast for our region, it looks like the cold weather we have been getting will be coming to an end for the weekend.

"A couple more days of cold, then the whole pattern starts to break down, and the colder air starts to move further east, and we get into some milder air."

Lang explains that we are looking at flirting with above-seasonal average temperatures for the last 30 years by the weekend. She adds that warmer temperatures do bring some snow flurry activity, although, at this time, ECCC is not expecting it to be significant in terms of accumulation.

Lang notes that with the Extreme Cold Warning set to last for the next couple of days, remember to dress to conditions when outside enjoying the weather Manitoba has to offer this time of year.

"Make sure you dress in layers. It's the airdrop between the layers that help keep you warm. And if you're travelling, especially out on the highways, make sure that you have the appropriate gear in your car to keep you warm. If something were to happen, have an emergency kit in the car as well."

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