The RM of Portage la Prairie has three of its councillors running again for the next election so far, and one of them is Roy Tufford, councillor for Ward 4.

He explains he still very much enjoys work on council and wants to see some projects continue and come to completion.

"I think I'm contributing to council in a positive way to try and bring about changes that are going to benefit our ratepayers," says Tufford. "We're working hard on economic development. We're working hard on redeveloping some roads and rebuilding some of our lesser-used roads that have kind of got out of repair in a number of years. So, we have a plan to do all of that. And we're working hard to try and get fibre optic internet throughout the municipality, too."

He notes he's served for three terms already and an additional year.  He explains where that extra year comes in.

"I was elected in a by-election," says Tufford. "So, I'm probably at 13 years now this October."

Tufford says highlights through his years include the positive nature of this council that's far from dysfunctional.

"We all come to an agreement," continues Tufford. "Sometimes we don't all agree, but we agree to disagree and move on and get things done. We're very much an action council. We don't procrastinate anymore than we are forced to by bureaucracy and administration." 

The committees Tufford has served on are the John Q Public board of directors, the hospital foundation, PRRA, and landfill. 

He hopes the people in his Ward see that he's doing his utmost best to make things better for them, and improve things while not increasing taxes, which has been his goal all along.

"We found some efficiencies and, of course, we keep getting growth," notes Tufford. "When you get growth, you get added taxes and you don't always have to increase the tax rate."

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