The councillor for the RM of Portage la Prairie Ward 2, Doug McAuley, is also making a bid to residents of the RM to continue on council. 

He notes he first ran four years ago adding he really didn't know what he was getting into.

"I was really surprised at how much work that was involved in being on council," says McAuley. "I was fortunate enough to have a really good bunch of guys on council with me. They really helped me along to get around some of the issues and everything else we have the municipality. We do discuss things in great depths on issues and sometimes we don't agree on stuff but the discussions are pretty important when you're making big decisions with anything going on in the municipality."

He notes it's a great feeling to be part of all that work. 

"It's always been an interest for me," adds McAuley. "I grew up in Portage. I'm a farmer. I'm a rural boy and just to see things thrive and everything else in the Portage and surrounding areas, it's a great feeling."

McAuley says the work at the RM is never done, especially this year in the spring when water affected road conditions and drainage.

"We've got to continue working on that stuff," continues McAuley. "Farmers are our backbone of this community. If we can make things better for them to be successful, that's a pretty important thing to accomplish. If the farmers aren't successful, a lot of industries aren't successful. It goes right to the retailers, the big industries, and, hopefully, the future retailers and big industries that will come into Portage. So long as farmers are successful, they'll be successful."

McAuley notes he's worked with the roads and drainage committee, landfill as well as the Fort la Reine Museum. 

"The RM is a great place right from the office people, to the public works guys and right to council," adds McAuley. "It's a great place. It's a great community.  Years ago, I was talking to a farmer that came in from Europe. I asked him why he chose Portage to farm. He says, 'You know, this is the land of opportunity.' And you know what? He is right. It is a land of opportunity." 

Looking back over his first term as councillor, he notes he's been part of paving the Poplar Bluff Industrial Park.

"There are some lots sold there," notes McAuley. "I wasn't part of Roquette, but it's a great feeling to be working on council with that. In my ward, there was a gravel road between McCain and Peony Farm. The residents were wanting that paved on Lincoln. We got that done for those residents. So, that's pretty important. But even some of the drainage projects we've done, and some of the road improvements, I'm pretty proud of that, too."