The Centennial Cup is coming again to Portage la Prairie and you can be a volunteer for this memorable event. 

Portage Terriers Marketing Director Cody Buhler explains registration to volunteer was Monday at Stride Place beginning at 7:00 p.m.

"This is for volunteers who are wanting to help out at any point in the tournament in May," says Buhler. "Whether you want to help with laundry, whether you want to help drive teams around, or maybe you just want to be an usher and hold up a sign during the games, there is a position for everybody. There are lots of different roles and we can provide more information tonight when you come and sign up."

That information includes more details on those roles, as well as some of the details on how many shifts you need to complete. 

"There are different packages," continues Buhler. "Everybody who does volunteer will get some apparel. So, if you just want to volunteer, and you don't want to watch any of the games, it's $25.00, and that includes a volunteer T-shirt. If you want the volunteer jacket, and also want standing-room access to the games that you're not volunteering for, that's $90.00. And if you want a full tournament pass, where you actually get to sit and watch the games, you have a seat, that's the full $260.00 price. That also gets you a jacket, as well, for volunteering. There's a couple of different options if people are wanting to help out for the week."

Buhler explains the Centennial Cup takes place over ten days, and volunteers are required for all ten days, and others can help out for one or two days. 

"It's kind of broken down by shifts, and you can do as few as three shifts or as many as you'd like," adds Buhler. "That's up to the volunteer in that regard."

He says Tracy Waldvogel is the coordinator of all the volunteer services.

"She'll be there tonight providing a lot more information on volunteering," adds Buhler. "We encourage people to come out to Stride Place. If you can't make it this evening, you can get a hold of us through the Centennial Cup e-mail,"