The Reeve of the Rural Municipality of Cartier is hoping that she'll get to head into 2023 while still being in the position.

Christa Vann Mitchell says she's grateful to have gotten the opportunity to work with the council. She explains putting an emphasis on sending out news from the RM electronically has helped them get the word out on various topics so much quicker.

"I've been hearing a lot of compliments that finally people are watching and knowing a little bit more about what goes on in the municipality of Cartier," notes Vann Mitchell. "Not all the seniors are on social media, but if they stopped me on the street, they'll ask me because they're not computer savvy."

She adds that one of the struggles she had to deal with over the past term with the council was that Manitoba Hydro wanted to put a transmission line through St. Eustache. Vann Mitchell says it was important to hear the complaints and worries that the citizens of Cartier had. She mentions that she's still open to finding a solution to the problem, they just want the transmission line to avoid St. Eustache and go somewhere less populated.

The Reeve goes into detail on another struggle she had as Reeve.

"We had 25 miles of water lines in rural Cartier that needed to be fulfilled," explains Vann Mitchell. "We asked again a couple of years ago and we were successful. There were no objections at the public hearing, so now that 25 miles of rural water, which is a basic human right in 2022, is going to go to the municipal board for clearance. Once the clearance is received, Manitoba Water Services Board will put the job out to tender and that'll make a huge difference in the 29 families that are affected."

She hopes that as we make our way into the next term, the threat of COVID will decrease, allowing more people to get back to their everyday lives.

The municipal election is set for October 26th.