The Portage Collegiate Trojans fell on their home field today.

The lacrosse team put their best effort forth but came up short 6-3 against the West Kildonan Wolverines. Coach Eric Hardinge says there were a lot of positives they can take away from this outing, despite the loss.

"Our goaltending was fantastic. Kaylee Perry stepped up and did really well today," Hardinge explains. "We had some really good offensive chances. There was a lot of great ground ball work, the guys did a great job making sure the loose balls went in our direction."

Hardinge says in the next one they'll be looking to move the ball a little bit more efficiently.

"Some of the things I want to work on are cleaning up our passing and getting a little more motion to our offence," says Hardinge. One good thing we do have is good communication on D (defence), but that can always be better. So, we're going to keep working on those things."

The coach says this season has been great for rebuilding the program.

"We don't have a lot of older guys on the team this year, we only have two Grade 12s," Hardinge continues. "So, for the next couple of years, it's going to be good rebuilding. We're getting some kids used to playing the sport, getting them used to playing the game the way we need to, and just build as the years go."

He says with it being a year about learning, he couldn't have asked for a better group to teach.

"I'll be honest, I've never seen a group of kids pick up the sport as fast as these guys," Hardinge explains. "There's a lot of hockey players, football players, and athletes in general, that came in and picked up a sport that they haven't had a lot of exposure to. It's great to be able to see that they went from not even being able to pick up or pass a ball to being able to run offensive sequences and defensive plays. It's great to see the growth we've had in just four or five weeks."

The Trojans will be on the road for their next set of contests which are scheduled for Friday, June 3. The first affair is set for 10:45 a.m.