Treherne RCMP detachment has been without a corporal for several months, but that's all changing with a homecoming for the new leader. 

Central Plains RCMP Paul Peddle holds jurisdiction over the Treherne area and explains how the long-time vacancy is being filled.

"We've got some tremendous news there," says Peddle. "Recently, I was able to promote a corporal into that position. We've been without a corporal in the Treherne area now since last fall. We've been doing our best to strategically manage our resources to ensure that the proper coverage is provided to those communities and we've done a tremendous job. We're excited to have the corporal coming to that area. I'm proud to say that the member that's been promoted to that position is Katherine Coggan and she'll be coming to join us from Ottawa in the next few weeks."

He explains they've utilized their Portage supervisor as well as those from other detachments in the area to fill the vacancy in Treherne up until now. 

"I'm the inspector for the region, which incorporates Portage detachment, Amaranth and Treherne," continues Peddle. "It's based on the number of employees and the size of the area and, I guess, how busy the detachment is. Under my role, I'm responsible for all of the employees -- over 60 employees -- from that area. That's the reason my position is designated as Inspector. Treherne is a relatively small detachment and the crime rate in that area is what I would call on the lower scale of things."

Peddle says Treherne is a great place to live and work, and this designates the community as a corporal detachment.  Amaranth would also have a corporal leading the detachment there. 

"Katherine has about 13 years of service with the RCMP and a very unique situation," adds Peddle. "She actually graduated from Depot in 2009 and her first posting at that time was Treherne. So, this is like a homecoming of sorts. She's coming back to her first detachment. She enjoyed it so much that she applied for promotion there and she was the successful candidate."

He notes this means that she knows the area very well.

"She knows the concerns and the people, and we're extremely happy to have her come to that position," says Peddle.