The Town of Carberry held their regular meeting last week which featured a delegation from the Ukrainian Refugee Committee.

Mayor Stuart Olmstead says there is a lot of work to do to bring people to the community the right way.

"Basically, they talked about what some of their short term and long term needs are for bringing people to the community. It's going to be a long process. We know that the conflict is not going to end anytime soon, from the looks of it," says Mayor Olmstead. "We've certainly got to ramp up some of the logistics locally and provincially, frankly, for making sure that we take care of these people once they land here and land within our community."

He says people have stepped up to try and help those in Ukraine who need it. He adds, it goes beyond just inviting them to the community.

"We've got a couple of local organizers that have put together a committee and they're very much focused on making sure that, those that do come to town, have what is required once they get here," says Mayor Olmstead. "It's not just being able to open your doors, it's being able to say, 'if we bring a husband and wife and children, will they be able to register for school? Will they have enough clothes? For the winter? Will they have enough housewares if we find them a place?' That sort of thing."

The meeting also featured a Tax Impact presentation from Manitoba Assessment. The town also gave a commendation of recognition to Matthew Salyn, who completed his term as their first-ever Youth Councilor.

You can read more about the Town of Carberry here.

Mayor and Youth Councilor