A brand-new Tim Hortons cookie campaign aimed at supporting the community has arrived in Portage la Prairie. 

From November 13th to November 19th, Tim Hortons customers can contribute toward the Portage Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and Tim Hortons Foundation Camps. 

The Holiday Cookie Campaign has been introduced to raise funds for both causes, with half of the cookie sales going to PAWS and the other half to the Tim Hortons Foundation Camps.

Stephanie Arnott, the general manager of both Tim Hortons locations in Portage, expresses her enthusiasm for supporting these initiatives.

"Both of my dogs are from PAWS. And PAWS does amazing, amazing work in the community, and they don't get enough recognition because animals can't say 'thank you.' So, it's really important for us to support them in their mission to rescue and save animals."

Arnot touches on the importance of the Tim Hortons Foundation to youth who may not have a chance to go to a summer camp if not for this foundation.

"Most of these camps are really around mental health and how to manage and support yourself. So. it's really important for us because we know the future is our youth."

The holiday cookie will be a sugar cookie, which is a change-up from the spring installment when the cookies are chocolate chunks.

"It is definitely a little bit different, but it is very good. Just a heads-up, though. If we run out of those sugar cookies, we will be using chocolate chunk cookies towards the end of the week just so we can keep selling them and keep supporting those charities."

Arnott notes that if you plan on buying more than 12, order ahead.

Kalie Miles, director of marketing for PAWS, says that the donations will go a long way toward caring for animals, maintaining their building and ensuring all animals are looked after during the holidays. 

File Photo.Kalie Miles and her PAWS friends.

"Get everybody in your life a cookie. A smile can go a long way. Cookies are delicious. It's always a good time for a cookie," laughs Miles.

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