The Portage Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) has announced a dog intake freeze as foster homes have become hard to find for the shelter.

Karen Sandney, dog coordinator with PAWS, explains that this was a tough call, but one they had to make.

"Like many other dog shelters, we are all in the same boat, where there are more dogs out there that need homes than there are fosters available to keep them."

Sandney says anybody who loves animals would be a perfect fit for a foster home.

"Help us prepare them for adoption, give them love, shelter, food and teach them some basic house manners. Help us with housebreaking them so that they become a dog that someone would like to adopt." 

She says that right now, there isn't any place for these dogs due to all the full shelters across Manitoba.

"The issue is if we had more fosters, we could help them. Until we do that, unfortunately, the animals are ending up in pounds and in high-kill shelters. If we can't find adoption for them, there may not be a future for some of these dogs."

Sandney notes that anybody willing to foster for PAWS should go to their website and fill out an application form to help save a dog's life. 


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