The last day of February was also the one-hundredth day that students have been in class for this term at Sunnyside Colony School, south of Newton.  

Principal and teacher at Sunnyside Colony School Tim Lehman says they have a variety of activities.

"The activities involve everything from math and ELA, where they are going to be using the number 100 in a variety of ways, writing stories that are related to 100, and doing some math and counting related to 100," says Lehman. "Every year -- and we have to count when the snow days are and when we have holidays or vacation days. We've got to make sure that it's exactly 100 days of actual school. So for us, that's today (Tuesday, February 28)."

Conner KleinsasserConner Kleinsasser

Grade 4 Student Conner Kleinsasser describes what he likes about the Hundredth Day.

"We bring some weird containers with stuff in there," says Conner. "Poor me, I forgot mine at home and I haven't even made anything yet! I'm really disappointed and I hope my teacher lets me go home and make it. Mr. Lehman!?"


Grade 4 student Ayden Waldner adds how fun it is.

"We got to guess. Everybody brings stuff -- 100 stuff -- and we got to eat that, and you have to shake it (the container) so the others can guess it. We just bring candy." 

Ayden WaldnerAyden Waldner

Lehman says the students thoroughly enjoy this day each year.