More permits were issued in the month of June than the rest of 2022 so far.

General Manager and Development Officer for the Portage la Prairie Planning District, Lynn Anderson, says they received 36 permits worth $23,458,000 in June. 

"I think that it's summer and everybody is wanting to start building and keep moving forward," says Anderson. "We have six new single residential places for a value of $2,060,000. We have one new multi that's going up in the city of Portage la Prairie for $4,645,000 and six repairs for a total of $123,000."

Between January and May, 84 permits worth $15,950,000 were issued. Year-to-date, there have been 120 permits issued worth over $39,408,000. 

She says optimism continues to be high halfway through the year.

"It's big. Our permits are down for the year for 2022, however, our values are up," says Anderson. "It's been great. It started out slow, but I think that we're catching up. People are super busy and we're just going to continue to move forward."

You can see the report for May and June 2022 below.

May Housing Starts
June Housing Starts