A program has kicked off just in time for summer. It's put on by the Family Resource Centre, and bikes, scooters and skateboards are being provided to children who might not otherwise be able to acquire them.

Administrator program assistant Danielle Stewart says urban Indigenous youth are to be the recipients, and outlines what's involved.

"We received some specific funding to provide some outdoor recreation equipment," says Stewart. "We're rolling it out in a couple of weeks so that they get the items for the whole summer. The families have to identify as urban Indigenous, meaning that they live off the reserve and preference will be given to low-income families."

Danielle StewartDanielle Stewart

She notes they're putting younger-aged children at the top of the list.

"Then as funds and demands allow, we'll keep increasing that to include school-age children and older youth, as well," continues Stewart. "It's theirs to keep. We're hoping to make it an annual event, provided that the funding is in place next year. We're going to see how this year goes."

They're working with other agencies in town including ROK, Portage Friendship Centre, Youth for Christ, and CFS.

"If you have children in school, we really want you to contact the outreach facilitator in that particular school," adds Stewart. "They are in the know about this program. They have the necessary form that you have to fill out. If you just have younger-age children, and none of the kids are in school yet, you can definitely come to us at the Family Resource Centre, and we can fill out the forms. Or if there's an agency that you have more to do with -- for example ROK, Friendship Centre, Youth for Christ Youth Unlimited, walk and the friendship Centre -- you can go to them to fill out a form."

Stewart says once they get the numbers and information, they will contact families to let them know if they qualify for the equipment.

"And then we'll also let them know the pickup details at the same time," adds Stewart.