The superintendent of the Portage la Prairie School Division is hoping to see some local students on the province’s Student Advisory Council.

Todd Cuddington says they did not have any representation last year, and they are encouraging some Portage Collegiate Institute students to step up, noting they have a lot to offer.

"We have a unique place in the province and a very diverse and growing student population," says Cuddington. "Rural students, especially ones from Portage, they're kind of walking that line between an urban and rural experience. (They) would bring an important voice to the table."

Education and Early Childhood Learning Minister Wayne Ewasko said in a release earlier this week that ‘students are the pillar of our education system and student voices should play a role in shaping it’, and Cuddington agrees.

"PCI has been promoting it with their student body, so we're hopeful that someone will decide that this is a good opportunity," says Cuddington. "Not only for themselves, but a great chance to represent our community."

The current council is made up of 30 Manitoba youth aged 14 to 18 from across the province. To date, the council has participated in six student-centered engagements and provided their input on many different topics including:

- poverty and education;
- mental health and well-being;
- curriculum and assessment;
- student presence and attendance;
- student suspensions; and
- the K to 12 Action Plan.

The minister noted participating in the council helps students develop their leadership skills while experiencing what it is like to sit on a council and support the continuous improvement of K to 12 education.

Council members for 2022-23 will serve a 12-month term starting in August 2022 and ending in August 2023. Current Student Advisory Council members that continue to meet the eligibility criteria will be considered for a second term.

The deadline for applications is June 27. The first council meeting of the school year is scheduled for August.

The Student Advisory Council launched in March 2021 in response to recommendations from Manitoba’s Commission on Kindergarten to Grade 12 Education. Its creation also directly aligns with Manitoba’s K to 12 Education Action Plan.

For more information on the Student Advisory Council and how students can apply, visit