Arborg has a stray cat problem and the town is doing what they can to find a solution.

Chief Administrative Officer Cindy Stansell says four cats have already been caught and re-homed.

"We still have some traps that have been set up to get some of the stray cats, to help with the population in town," says Stansell. "These stray cats are then re-homed, if we can find homes for them, which we've been successful with thus far."

Stansell says they are happy with the results of the program, noting they know they cannot get every stray cat in the community with the limited resources they have. However, they have had some success, and they will continue with this strategy.

"Whenever we do catch a cat, we do get them fixed at our local vet. We do run a program and we have very limited funds," says Stansell. "We certainly don't want any individuals dropping off cats in the community thinking that that's OK."

The Town of Arborg has been posting updates on their social media, asking cat owners to keep their felines inside for the time being to avoid growing the stray cat population.