North Memorial School has been working hard to welcome the cubs back for another year of schooling.

Principal Val Smith says they hope to have everyone back with as few COVID restrictions as possible. She does mention, however, that some of the practices from the pandemic will still be important moving forward, such as regular hand sanitizing.

"We're still going to do extra bathroom cleanings and other cleanings in the evenings," explains Smith. "We get the kids to go up and sanitize their hands before breakfast and snacks, they're so in tune with it now, it's just regular behaviour."

She adds masks will not be required but students and staff that want to wear them are welcome to do so. The principal says they plan on continuing scheduled games throughout recess but she is ecstatic to no longer enforce being six-feet apart.

"We can now shake hands if we want to, we can give the side hug if we want to," says Smith. "Those kinds of relationship-building things are back and we couldn't be happier about that."

As they make their way throughout the school year, the staff at North Memorial School can't wait to have parents be more involved once again, especially once their Christmas concert comes around.