Sport Manitoba's Night of Champions is happy with the way their Night of Champions event turned out.

It took place last week and saw a number of yearly awards given out while also inducting new members into the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame. President and CEO Janet McMahon says it was amazing to be in an atmosphere like that.

"It was a spectacular event. After the last couple of intense years of COVID, it just felt great to see so many people in the room sharing stories and celebrating," McMahon explains. "It was a really important night for the entire sport community."

The CEO says it was a unique event as they were able to recognize athletes and coaches of all levels, from high school up to the Olympics. 

"Because we had so many people to recognize, it ran a whole spectrum. From athletes competing in a high school championship that the school hadn't won for 43 years, to athletes, coaches, and officials going to two Olympic Games. And then we had five incredible people who've dedicated their lives to sports coming into the Hall of Fame. We celebrated every level of sport that exists from very low levels to the athletes that we see as heroes."

McMahon adds having Manitobans competing in the Olympics, gives the next generation of local athletes a role model to look at that they can relate to, which she says is important. She says it was extremely satisfying to put an event like this together, knowing the athletes were able to get a full season in after two years of hiatuses and cancellations.

McMahon notes many Manitobans are now getting ready for the 2022 Canada Summer Games.

"We just sent part of our games team for their mission meeting," McMahon explains. "They're gearing up big time. I think everyone is still watching to see whether they'll be any health restrictions. They are requiring athletes to be fully vaccinated, but I think there's a sense that we're moving past everything else, with all the health officials saying we're learning to live with this."

The 2022 Canada Summer Games are set to begin on August 6 in Niagara, Ontario.