While colder weather will surely take over Portage in the next few weeks, a program that brings the community warmth is returning.

Every Tuesday from September 26 until December 12 the Special Olympics will reinserting itself to Portage, from 6 – 7 p.m. at École Arthur Meighen.

Deanna Talbot, a coach involved with the program, explain that they are looking for athletes and coaches to come to participate.

"The athletes can be anywhere from 2 years old to older, so everyone is welcome, and this year we are looking for more volunteers."

She notes that anyone interested can reach out to her at 204-870-0613 or visit the Special Olympics website.

"There's a registration process through Special Olympics Manitoba, but I'd be happy to guide them through that, and even if they can't commit full time, we're willing to work around everyone's schedule."

Talbot, whose nephew Caleb is in the program, says that the growth you see from these athletes is hard to describe.

"It's also really great for the parents and caregivers as a network for them," she continues. "I've been doing this for nine years now, and I've been involved with a lot of different competitive sports, but this truly is the most rewarding. To see these athletes participate, get involved, do the best they can do, and also the growth that comes with it and the fulfillment, that as a coach is something that you can't explain until you really get to experience it."

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