You might start to see more military training aircrafts in the sky.

The 3 Canadian Forces Flying Training School (3CFFTS) has finally been allowed to operate without any COVID-19 precautionary measures. Lieutenant Colonel Jason Virtue, who's also the commanding officer of 3CFFTS, says they've been starting to cultivate the relationship with the communities near their base with some clean-up duty.

"It's super simple, but we sponsored a part of the highway here locally," explains Virtue. "Last Friday, we had about half our unit out picking up garbage out of the ditches. It was one of those many steps we're trying to take to get back into the local community, to help the local community out, and just to be visible again."

He adds, that with 20 bags of garbage removed from the highway, they're hoping that it looks a little sharper for those that use the highway. Virtue says that if you have an idea for how those at 3CFFTS can connect with the community, they have a plan in place so every idea gets heard.

"We have an honourary Colonel, right now it's Andy Fletcher," says Virtue. "He's well known in the local community and people can reach out to him for advice. But certainly, if there's something specific, anybody in the community can come directly to me and I'd be happy to work with them on whatever issue or idea they have."

He mentions, in closing, that he's excited to get back to normal and re-establish the bonds that COVID-19 may have severed.