Southport Aerospace is holding a 10km Fun Run tomorrow morning that they hope will be an annual event for the people of Portage la Prairie.

Funds are being raised for the Community Foundation of Portage and District. Race director Nate Coates says they've been wanting to do something like this for quite some time.

"In preparation for our 30th anniversary, we were looking to do a bunch of different activities that don't really happen too much in the community, and we definitely know that there's a big running community in Portage. I'm part of it. I see people running all the time, definitely out on the Crescent and everywhere in town," says Coates. "So, we saw this as an opportunity to fit in a run and do it for a great cause in the Community Foundation."

He says it is not a competition -- that's why it's called a Fun Run. If someone does want to know the route ahead of time, Coates says it's not too difficult to figure out.

"The route will start at the Interpretive Park, which is pretty much in the middle of our site," says Coates "From there, you head out to the golf course. You take a loop there, come back, we go through our beautiful commercial area, then we go through our residential area, making another loop back, and ending up, again, at our start/finish line at the Interpretive Park."

Registration for the event is $25 and you can find a link here.

Race map #1
Race map #2