A new home is being built in Portage, but this one will be different from the others.

Hopes Journey Home, a local non-profit organization, is building a residence specifically for women in a crisis pregnancy situation.

Several different crisis centres serve the Central Plains Region, and each reports that many women who reach out for help also need a place to stay. This is why a group of people has come together to help provide just that, by building Hopes Journey Home.

Any woman in crisis, who feels that she wants a better life for herself and her unborn child, may access Hopes Journey Home. The first step is to visit their local crisis centre, where staff will help with the process of accessing the residence.

But first, the residence must be built.

Hopes Journey Home will be located within the city of Portage la Prairie due to its central location, within reach of many rural communities. A lot has been chosen near the downtown area, so those staying in the home could walk to places of employment.

Each new mom will have the opportunity to live at Hopes Journey Home for about one year, without paying anything. To pay rent, staff would be on hand to help in accessing available government assistance.

Accessing employment will help these women become self-sufficient, and gain confidence in themselves. Some supports will remain after they leave the home, as well.

The building itself will be 5000 square feet, set up as a regular home complete with common living areas. A difference will be that each large bedroom will have its own bathroom, giving those living there privacy and dignity.

This project has three phases. To get the structure enclosed, finish the interior main floor, and then to complete two small apartments on the upper level, which will be for women transitioning out of the home, who may still require some support.

The building lot has already been paid for, the concrete for the basement is covered, and the blueprints are complete. Building will likely begin this fall as soon as the funds are in place.

To complete this project, Hopes Journey Home must reach their fundraising goal of $1,000,000.

Your donation will help provide a safe place for women in extreme crisis who choose life for their child and will also give each child a good start in life.

When we work together to make our communities safer for the most vulnerable among us, we’re also working to help our communities thrive!

All donations will receive a charitable receipt. To learn more or to donate, please visit www.hopesjourneyhome.com

Plans for the centre.
Plans for the centre.