Today marks the beginning of Sandy Bay First Nation's All Nations Tribal Days that are being hosted at Stride Place until Sunday.

The main attraction of the event is a giant hockey tournament that has four different adult divisions and four youth divisions. Sandy Bay Chief Trevor Prince says they have a ton of stuff happening.

"We have a hockey tournament going on from Thursday to Sunday. We're also hosting a pool and poker tournament," says Prince.

With six prizes between $3000 and $10,000 for the adults, Stride Place will be hosting over 100 hockey games during the four-day event and will see nearly 60 different teams hit the ice.

Prince notes the billiards tournament also starts today with grand prizes ranging from $500 to $3500. The Texas Hold Em tournament will be connected to the Tribal Days event, but is being held at the Keeshkeemaquah Gaming Centre and began last night.

The Chief says it's so nice to be able to put together big-scale events once again.

"It feels good to be able to get out, and do stuff like this. We haven't had a tournament for two years now, I believe. Going forward with something like this, getting people back together, and being able to watch hockey, is pretty exciting. I think everyone's looking forward to this weekend."

With so many people planning to be in attendance, Prince says it will be important for everyone to stay safe.

"We're still hoping everyone follows the precautionary measures as if we had restrictions," Prince explains. "We ask people to hand sanitize and stay away from others if need be. I know that may be pretty difficult with the number of people we are projecting to be there, but I'd just like for everyone to have a safe and happy weekend."

Prince adds Stride Place will be very busy over the next four days. To view the tournament brackets and rules for each division click here.