The Municipality of Norfolk Treherne looks to fix water quality as some of their residents have reported bad potable water.

In a quarterly report from the Municipality, they reported that testing showed Treherne's water quality to be good. Some residents, however, didn't feel the same way as they took a survey and indicated that their water quality was poor.

The WTP officer will take action, including clarity testing to ensure manganese isn't seeping into the water. They will also clean the distribution system more often going forward. They'll also be retraining for the use of the flushing equipment.

Rathwell's water testing has shown their water quality to be poor, but they're unable to find replacements for the parts needed. As a result, they're going to have to fully replace the treatment filtration system. 

The Municipality has put in an application to the provincial Office of Drinking Water, and it was approved on March 31st.