The Rotary Club of Portage la Prairie hopes to continue their success in the new year.

Club president Jennifer Campbell Dornan says, while most people would look at the big events they were able to pull off as their mark of success, she's more impressed with how the club maintained its camaraderie following the COVID-19 pandemic. She did mention a few events, however, which were more successful than they thought they would be coming into 2022.

"We had an amazing Canada Day breakfast," explains Campbell Dornan. "The community was so responsive. It was just great to hear how much everyone missed us, and they were happy that we were doing it again."

Other events that attributed to the success of the Rotary Club include their annual veggie sale, as well as their Jets alumni game, where they faced off with both former Terriers and community members.

Campbell Dornan notes it's great to see the community still cares about the club and the work they do for the community. On top of holding events for itself, the club's also been supporting other projects throughout Portage.

"We wrapped up phase three of the Rotary Duck Pond, which I know is a fan favourite in the community," explains Campbell Dornan. "We were able to earmark some funds for the Skateboard Park, which is an initiative that the community's been trying to get off the ground for some time."

The club president says, going into 2023, they're planning on finally wrapping up the duck pond rejuvenation project, which has been underway since 2019. They'll also hold a Jail and Bail, fundraiser alongside the Portage Community Revitalization Corporation. Campbell Dornan also mentions that a new executive will be stepping in, with the switch taking place in July.

"I'm thankful for the community," explains Campbell Dornan. "They have never let us down, and just the comments I heard during the Santa Claus Parade of Lights, really warms my heart, and I know it means a lot to the membership as well.